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Delinquency Court

Delinquency Court is concerned with the habilitation / rehabilitation of juveniles who have been arrested for misdemeanor or felony offenses, as well as community safety.  I may be court appointed or retained by the defense or prosecution to offer opinions concerning the juvenile’s treatment needs, the static / dynamic / acute risk factors as well as ways to contain and reduce the risks presented by an individual juvenile.  If a juvenile has been transferred to be tried as an adult, I may be asked to offer an opinion concerning the juvenile’s amenability to treatment in the juvenile justice system.  Frequently, I am appointed by the court, but occasionally the defense attorney may request an opinion concerning mitigating factors, or the prosecution may request an opinion concerning aggravating factors.   Usually I will review all available records which may include police reports, prior mental health and substance abuse treatment, diagnostic evaluations, school records, and other background information.  The nature and scope of the evaluation will be determined by the referral question.  Every effort is made to assure the evaluation procedures as well as any research considered are consistent with rules for the admissibility of evidence, and the appropriate legal criteria.