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Criminal Court

Criminal Court is concerned with the rehabilitation of adults arrested for misdemeanor or felony charges, as well as community safety.  I do not offer recommendations for accountability.  I may be retained by the defense to identify mitigating factors, I may be retained by the plaintiff or prosecution to identify aggravating factors, or I may be appointed by the court to offer an opinion on a specific issue.  The scope and nature of the forensic services will be determined by the specific referral question(s).  Usually, I review all available records before conducting the evaluation.  These records may include prior mental health and substance abuse treatment records, police Criminal Complaint and Affidavit of Probable Cause, law enforcement investigation records, pre-sentence investigations, and any other background information.  Depending upon the nature of the referral question, I may see the individual for an initial screening and then discuss my initial thoughts with the side who retained me.  Sometimes, something may arise during the course of the screening and the referring attorney may decide a record of that information or information which may be revealed would be potentially harmful to that side’s case.  Other times, the evaluation may include individual interviews as well as formal testing.  Every effort is made to assure the evaluation procedures as well as any research considered are consistent with rules for the admissibility of evidence and with the appropriate legal criteria.