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Clinical Psychology

Within my clinical practice, I focus on the evaluation and treatment of temporary and longer-term distress.. The treatment may focus on such things as relationship problems, disruptive behavior disorders, interpersonal aggression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse disorders, victim issues, serious mental illness, and other problems which impact the lives and happiness of you and your loved ones.  I provide treatment to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

The first step in the treatment process is an assessment which will include a comprehensive history and which may also include formal testing.  The information collected helps me understand how a problem may have developed and is impacting your life.  In addition, the assessment helps me to identify the strengths, skills, and resources which you may already have and which can be capitalized upon during the treatment process.

Therapy is a process which requires an ongoing, active collaboration between you and your therapist.  Using information collected from the assessment we will establish goals for treatment, or what you want to be different at the conclusion of the process.  Next we will establish a treatment plan which includes the therapeutic techniques and methods which I believe offer the best prognosis for you to achieve the treatment goals we have established.  Throughout the treatment process we will work together to modify or adjust the treatment plan as necessary.  I believe effective therapy requires open and honest communication.  For this reason, I encourage you to keep me informed about what you feel is working or isn’t working in treatment, as well as any other feedback which will facilitate your therapeutic process.

Therapy is a process which requires a special relationship.  There may be times you don’t feel comfortable with me or my approach and it is essential that you discuss your concerns with me, including whether you may feel more comfortable with a different therapist.  Likewise, there may be times where I believe a different therapist may be more appropriate for you due to their expertise or other factors and I will discuss this with you.  Effective therapy may arouse unpleasant feelings, thoughts, or memories and it is important to differentiate between discomfort which is a necessary part of treatment and discomfort resulting from the therapeutic relationship or the therapeutic approach.

It is my firm belief that effective treatment must consider the “whole” person.  Accordingly, I may recommend consultations with medical professionals such as your primary care physician.  I may recommend we obtain a second opinion or that an additional therapist be involved.  In some cases I may believe your treatment process can be enhanced through medication and I may recommend you see an appropriate physician for consultation concerning the potential positives and negatives of medication.  There are times I may recommend you consult with a non-medical or non-mental health professional.  For example, I may recommend you consult with an attorney, an accountant, or some other individual in order to obtain information which will assist you in making decisions.  Any recommendations for consultations or referrals with be discussed with you in order for you to be able to make an informed decision about following the recommendation.